Thursday, October 10, 2013

Engagement rings

The summer is behind us and wedding band season has transitioned nicely into a very interesting group of engagement rings. This group is not afraid to be noticed! Big stones, great colour, and lots of diamonds.

Ring #1 is a 7.78ct sapphire with a pinkish-lavender tone and it is delicious! Set in red gold it's going to get a second look from every person she shows it to.

Not to be outdone, Ring #2 is a 12.2 ct chrysoberyl set with pave leaves and hand engraving. It has a unique greenish yellow colour that reminds me of a perfect mix between lemons and olive oil.

Finally ring #3 is a spectacular 1.84 ct  pale wheat coloured sapphire bezel set in an art deco inspired ring with a pave halo. I put little filigree leaves in the gallery.