Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rutilated quartz

Things are hopping down at the studio with lots of interesting custom projects coming through. We are starting to see the wedding band season take off already, a little earlier than usual. Getting an early start on things can only be good!
This pendant is one I have been working on (on and off) for a while. With all the custom work we do, it can be challenging to find a block of time to work on speculative pieces like this. I usually get an hour here or there, sometimes weeks apart. But when it's finished, I get to put it in the case and see/ hear what people think. It can be quite satisfying.
This pendant is made of 18k white gold, with pavé set diamonds. The center stone is rutilated quartz. It's a clear quartz crystal that has Titanium Dioxide inclusions called "rutile needles." This one also has some cloud crystal inclusions that give it a real landscape quality, making it a real conversation piece!