Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome to my first blog post

My name is Leif Benner; I’m a designer / goldsmith with a retail jewellery studio in Toronto. I love what I do and enjoy talking about it, so I thought I would start writing about it too.

Through this blog, I hope to talk all things jewellery, including current trends, events going on, stuff I like, etc., as well as learn more about what you like and think. I’d also like to share the process I use to make my hand-crafted jewellery - from inspiration and design, to prototyping, casting, and finally stone setting and finishing. I make hundreds of custom jewellery pieces a year, and 40-50 speculative ones that I sell out of my showcases. I find the process of making jewellery to be fun and very satisfying and I hope you find it as interesting as I do (well, at least a little educational).

I have recently bought a couple of amazing new gems that I will be working with and thought they would be good projects to share with you. The first is this 14.88 ct rectangular Aquamarine Cabochon (see picture below). I actually was lucky enough to buy two of these Aquamarines. This one is a bit shorter and wider and is just asking to be a beautiful cocktail ring (you would be stopped at parties wearing this one!), the second is a bit longer and more narrow and has dreams of being a beautiful pendant. I plan to design them with a similar look and feel so they can be worn as a set (or not). I will soon post pictures of concept sketches so stay tuned!